Saturday, February 09, 2013

Brennan Hearing.. Return to Prague

Levin used the final minute or so of his time to dust off an old file--Atta in Prague.   He claims the CIA sent a cable about the situation (evidently at that time), with information coming from Czech intelligence, which the CIA has released to the committee but in almost completely redacted form.  Here's the clip:

Maybe Levin is right--maybe Cheney leaned on Vaclav Havel and got him to fabricate a report about Atta meeting with Iraqi Intelligence agent al-Ani, who was stationed there, in order to support the war.  Maybe the redacted document will show what they really suspect--some tie between Cheney and oil, etc.  Yet for some reason Colin Powell did not bring up Atta in Prague as a basis for the invasion.  The FBI never could confirm his whereabouts on the day in question.  And who knows, maybe there's something in that redaction that Levin would find inconvenient.  We'll know for sure if it never comes up again.  

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