Saturday, February 02, 2013


Here's the most transparent administration's latest press briefing, as of post time, which was not uploaded to their website until after the evening news last night:

Private?  Does one have to sign up for their press briefing now?  Surely they will have this glitch fixed soon. It's not like McCain is running things. 

Speaking of press briefing weirdness, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland had a somewhat weird exchange yesterday with a reporter who asked about her department's interaction with Senator Menendez over issues in the Dominican (that video was not private). If you're interested in the footage it's on their web site, daily press briefing. The weirdness begins immediately after the reporter says "Menendez".
MS. NULAND: Elise, yeah.
QUESTION: It’s about Senator Menendez.
MS. NULAND: Nice necklace.
QUESTION: Thank you. There were some reports this morning, particularly in The New York Times, that Senator Menendez was reaching out to the State Department on behalf of this doctor in question, Dr. Melgen, for this ports contract. And I’m wondering –
MS. NULAND: What country are we in?
QUESTION: Dominican.
QUESTION: Dominican.
MS. NULAND: Right. Okay.
QUESTION: That Senator Menendez reached out to the State Department to help this – on the behalf of this doctor that had this ports contract in the Dominican. And I’m wondering if you have any information that he was working on behalf of this contract.
MS. NULAND: I’m going to take that one, Elise, and see what we have.
The reporter in question was CNN's Elise Labott. Not saying the exchange was out of orbit only that she seemed to be trying to trip her train of thought by injecting the compliment then asking what country, etc.  It looks weirder on the video.  State spokeslady Nuland has been a bit flip with certain reporters in the past. She has also been on the other side. To be fair, contrary to Breitbart's headline she was not objecting to Fox reporters in the pool, simply their tactic of sending different ones, which perhaps she feels is an effort to confuse her.  It probably is.  But then again, she's admitted to being dumb.

By the way the tactics aren't limited to the press room--behind the scenes communications with the networks occur and occasionally get leaked to the delight of the usual suspects, unless of course they stray too far out of line.     

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