Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Tax Changes.. to what?

Both the NYT and WaPo led off their afternoon web editions with the story about Obama offering a plan to avert the sequestration cliff.  

Here's the Times:
President Obama on Tuesday called on lawmakers to quickly pass a new package of limited spending cuts and tax changes that can head off the automatic, across-the-board reductions set to begin March 1.
Here's the WaPo:
President Obama on Tuesday called on Congress to pass a small package of spending cuts and tax changes to delay the start next month of deep reductions in domestic and defense spending that could deliver a fresh blow to a fragile economic recovery.
Only in the hallowed halls of the nation's two top newspapers are tax increases "tax changes".  Neither mentioned the phrase 'tax increase' until quoting John Boehner, who announced today that the House has already sent two measures up to die at the hands of Dirty Harry, thank you very much.  

Surprised?  Shucks. The Times isn't even headlining Isikoff's big leak of the judge-jury-and-executioner white paper legalizing extra-judicial drone killings. One would think their reporters might want another crack at a Pulitzer after uncovering all the secret Bush-era anti-terrorist programs.   But Times change.

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