Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Water Fall

The Rubio 'watergate' story is trending, as the twits say, and as usual the sides are squaring off.   I'm breaking ranks--to a degree. 

Seeing the deer in the headlights water grab live was cringeworthy.  A true face-palm moment.  A politician recently tagged with being the 'savior' of the GOP simply cannot do such a thing in that setting, period. 

Seeing it live was bad; seeing it in freeze frame later is, well, funny.  It's not something you see a professional speaker do in that setting.  Couldn't he have had the water bottle in front of him?   It was like he'd never been on TV before.

Sorry, but that's my personal reaction.  My reaction was similar when Rick Perry had a brain fart moment in the debates. The sides lined up on that one too but it was effectively the end of Perry, and everyone knew it.  The difference with Rubio is that he has time--almost four years to recover and erase the moment from memory.   And he can do it with the correct approach.   So saying it's a 'career ender' is silly, wishful, "lamestream media" reportage.  But saying it didn't matter at all is also silly, wishful thinking.  It took away from the power of the speech in the moment and made the party look silly for not supporting him better.   

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