Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Where is the HIG?

Remember?  HIG- "High Value Interrogation Group"?   That was the structure the president set up back in 2009 to interrogate captured prisoners in the War on Terror.  Apparently, in the climate of the recently released judge-jury-executioner white paper on drone strikes nobody is even bothering to ask about capturing terrorists anymore much less how they will be interrogated.  Which suggests the HIG was simply something set up to fool people.  Maybe it's something they can ask Brennan about in his hearing.         

MORE  2/7/13

Here's Saxby Chambliss asking nominee Brennan about the number of HVTs the US has captured during Brennan's time with the Obama administration.  Pay particular attention to the second question, asking him to specify US captures, and the answer, which was to say that he would be happy to get the Senator information on how many were captured with US intelligence, which could mean captured by foreign governments, which means he wasn't answering the question.

But Chambliss answered for him.

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