Monday, February 25, 2013


Ran across this picture today from recent news..  pay attention to the actions the men are taking and the first sentence of the caption:

Damn, what a couple of Popeyes!  Re-railing freight cars by themselves!   Or maybe abject morons.   No, apparently this is a time honored process in getting minor train derailments cleared up by using wood blocks or metal pieces under the wheels to guide them back on the rails.  But the train cars are not moved along by the men using crowbars, they are moved along by an engine. 

Speaking of derailments...

Watched the Academy Awards last night for the first time in years.  Yes, it was mainly due to the possible political fireworks with Zero Dark Thirty along with a need to retreat from the machine.  And it was fairly enjoyable show--right up until the end.  Enjoyed Shirley Bassey singling "Goldfinger" again--she's still got a little left in those amazing pipes.  Her stage presence far outshines Adel's but the rookie's voice is certainly golden.  And yes, Babs Streisand still has a gift.  For singing.  

But the stunt with Michelle O at the end wiped out any good comments uttered along the way.  What a cheap sucker move.  And Jack Nicholson taking part?   Sad.  As reported, some of the media and critics even groaned.

But the question is, did the White House know the winner beforehand?   Would Zero Dark Thirty and its 'torture' sequences been as easy for Mrs Obama to roll off the tongue after her little we-are-the-world speech?   How would that movie winning look to the billion-strong world audience?   America--the land of Bush torture, brought to you by the Obama White House!

Sorry, going to have to suspend a bit disbelief.   As to how Hollywood landed her?  Of course this is what they would say.  


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