Monday, February 11, 2013


Released over the weekend...blurbs of a new e-book by two respected ex-Special Forces members about the true story of Benghazi

Out today, a new out-of-the-blue version of the UBL takedown by 'the Shooter'.  Yes, the real shooter.  Purportedly, at least.   Neither story was mentioned by the press at today's White House briefing. 

Bronstein's SEAL story is fascinating reading, even at 20+ pages, but it raises problems on the narrative.  The mystery shooter's version doesn't comport with Mark Bisonette's print version or the official government version.  Matter of fact, mystery shooter actually puts himself in the same place Bisonette put himself--in position number two going up the stairs into bin Laden's third floor lair.

In Bisonette's version, the lead SEAL got to the top of the stairs, saw a figure in the doorway of the bedroom, fired some shots only to reach the room and find UBL already dead on the floor.  They pumped a few more rounds into his torso for good measure.  In Mystery Shooter's version the lead SEAL fired some shots from the second floor, then both he and Mystery Shooter--just those two--went up the stairs.  Lead SEAL grabbed a couple of bin Laden's wives or girlfriends who had been jettisoned into hall from the bedroom and that allowed Mystery Shooter, the second SEAL, to enter the room and pump three rounds into Laden's noggin, splitting his head into a "V".   He admits that others came later and riddled the dead corpse with a few more rounds for good measure.

John Brennan provided the initial government version, which said something about bin Laden pushing his wife in front of him as he was lurching for his trusty assault weapon or thereabouts after a 40 minute firefight.  Zero Dark Thirty's version was closer to the mystery shooter. 

So who's telling the truth?   

As usual, it's hard to tell.  Mystery Shooter doesn't seem very harsh with Bisonette, so could this be in coordination in an attempt to fully obfuscate who the real shooter was, in an effort to protect all their families?   Or maybe this is about correcting the record, once and for all.  But that's what Bisonette said.

Whatever the case, these heroic SEALS have to live with this looming threat the rest of their lives and it doesn't appear the DoD really cares about their plight.   Or maybe that's a ruse, too, after all, Bisonette was threatened with criminal action for printing secrets without permission but so far seems to have gotten away with it completely.  Or maybe what he printed cannot be used against him because it was bogus.   Confusing.

Perhaps we'll have to treat everything with a grain of salt, just like Mystery Shooter's revelation about bags and bags of opium stashed under a bed in UBL's mansion and what that might actually mean.  One thing is sure, somebody probably needs to take care of these guys and their families.  After all, Obama helped GM.


Right Truth said...

It is hard to understand. I read part of the interview/story. That any SEAL should be broke, unable to get a job, I don't understand. I'm not familiar with the payment and what they get once they leave.

As to whether he is the "one" who took out Osama, I have no idea. It did give the impression that they all shot a few rounds into him once he was down.

Right Truth

Right Truth said...

According to Rush the story about the down and out seal is not true...


Right Truth said...

A.C. McCloud said...

Thanks for the link. The question is why? Was it just a fun BS session of a reporter or was there a goal?