Tuesday, May 28, 2013


This is just absolutely getting hilarious..
Breaking: Eric Holder arrests self in DOJ sting; releases self after forgetting to read self Miranda rights — David Burge (@iowahawkblog) May 28, 2013
Check the comments for some funny add-ons as well.

OK, well the long Memorial Day weekend is over.  There wasn't a doc dump on Friday--far too obvious--but they did manage to give press secretary Jay Carney several days off last week, one more today (and of course the holiday), so the inevitable is being put off.  But eventually he's going to have to face the music and explain how the president could possibly expect the Attorney General to investigate himself.  He can start with explaining why that's not the funniest political thing ever.

Meanwhile, other things are causing havoc for the 1600 folks.  Obama had a nice diversionary photo-op trip to New Joisey to meet his BFF Chris Christie today, who promptly out-man-carded him at an arcade football toss, winning the president a stuffed Chicago bear--on the first toss, while POTUS was oh-for. 

Over at State, low key spokesman Patrick Ventrell tried to avoid explaining why two State employees were shot at a topless bar in Caracas (they were 'injured' somewhere outside the embassy).   And now NBC News is confirming that no, it wasn't just some low level employee in Cincinnati whom the IRS apologized for, things might go a little higher.  They've still got their friends so it's not over yet, but the kettle is slowly boiling.   

What next?  Or what diversion will happen next?  Maybe a certain politician coming out of the closet?  A big terror bust?  Maybe an announcement we're arming John McCain the Syrian rebels?   Proof of alien contact?   We await...


Carney must have spent his time off coming up with talking points on Holder.  He would not be swayed today when asked by CNN, CBS, Fox and Mara Liason about the perjury issue.  Seems people are 'conflating' things or not understanding the legal nuances--see the Justice Dept for additional details.  Amazing hubris--telling people to see Eric Holder's office for more details about Eric Holder and Eric Holder's investigation of Eric Holder.  Here's the fireworks from today's Q&A..

Yes, they are going to seriously argue that no deception or misdirection took place when the AG told Congress he knew nothing about any event involving Rosen.  In the face of such utter nonsense the press room was far too quiet.  Guess they are starting to think--hey, this is just a Fox News reporter.  If things get to the point where only Ed Henry and Major Garrett are asking questions the administration will have won this issue.   Even Henry immediately flopped to a huge softball question on the improving economy, obviously to score some brownie points (which evoked laughter).  Intimidation works--just ask any Third World tinpot.

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