Monday, May 13, 2013

Saturation Bombshelling

In answering questions from a total of two reporters during a press conference with David Cameron today the Commander-in-Chief managed to toss a few more people under his bus in responding to two different scandal questions.    

Yes, apparently it's OK to question what happened leading up to the attacks, wherein the White House admits they dropped the ball (resulting in a shed tear on stage) but it's totally off-base to question anything else.   Like for instance WHY they dropped the ball.  Was it a policy issue?  A money issue?   A sensitivity issue?  Why was Ambassador Stevens really in that dangerous location on that day with such flimsy protection? 

No, see, our president sends these brave State Department folks into the field and they work for him.  But let any of them dare question what happened during the attack or thereafter ( as in 'my jaw dropped') and they become nothing but political hacks.   That would be you, Mr. Nordstrom.  And you, Mr. Thompson.  And you, Mr. Hicks.  Just hacks.  Because there is now officially no "there there". 

Besides, it's so silly because Decider Guy called it an 'act of terrorism' the next day (apparently after he woke up and was briefed--the 3 am phone being off the hook or something).  Well wait, he actually talked about the filmmaker's hateful remarks first then said something about 9/11/01, then talked about Benghazi, then said 'no acts of terror' without precisely linking the phrase to Benghazi, then eulogized the lost as slain by 'attackers', then jetted off to Vegas for a fundraiser.  Days later his administration winnowed down a fairly accurate CIA first draft assessment of events into a made-for-TV blitz blaming an American filmmaker and a protest mob.  Do not question this!   

But he shed a tear today--you made him cry, yes you, Julie Pace of the AP, for asking such a horrible and insulting question.   And by the way, it's not acceptable for the IRS to be targeting the Tea Party--only he can do that. 

But if two stories are not enough there's even more.  In the very same news cycle the Justice Department decided it was time to drop an update about the Yemen/Iran leak investigation that has been sitting dormant since last summer.  Yes Ms. Pace, they've been watching your news organization very closely, tapping your phones to see who leaked to whom.   At what point do they cue Scottie begging the Captain for mercy from the engine room?  

For those who believe there are no coincidences it seems plausible to believe they are trying to saturate the news cycle with all three bad stories at the same time, figuring the press and the public will be overwhelmed and maybe they can skate by all three.   Obama will shed tears when needed like Bill and Hillary until some other news story boils up--like the Kardashian baby or maybe some new rap song by JayZ idolizing Bill Ayers or Pol Pot.  Something, anything.    

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