Friday, May 31, 2013

Rx for Scandal

How does a liberal administration put out a scandal brush fire that hasn't really caught on with the low information set amidst a formerly doting, but lately irritated press corpse?

  • One, suddenly cut back significantly on showing any Presidential Daily Briefing videos on the White House website.  Go there now--the last one available is May 22;  the transcripts are available however.

  • Two, appoint a reliable bureaucrat as head of the IRS and immediately task him with a snappy "30 day top down review", which instantly becomes a buzz phrase for all subsequent talking points.  Never mind that the new guy will be investigating his new agency from within.  

  • Three, have the top guy pretend to be outraged, but when asked if he approves of his public servants saying "I don't know" or taking the 5th pretend like a squirrel just ran by, exclaiming "look over there!"

  • Four, have the Attorney General convene a special meeting to discuss how the Attorney General should handle the press when it comes to classified leaks--the same Attorney General who's convening the meeting because he lied about knowing of the Rosen event.  Then have the top guy say he has 'full confidence' in the AG even after he tried to keep the meetings about press freedoms off-the-record.

  • Five, focus on weather events and other things that are real no-brainers from an optical standpoint.  Holding babies, throwing footballs at an arcade, making speeches about bringing everyone together or pointing out that one bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch, wink, wink.

  • Six, keep replying to any question about Benghazi by mentioning something like, "250 million documents have already been given to the GOP Congress, so what more do they want about this side show?"

  • Seven, hint to the media on possible story ideas that will kill the scandals and return them to their former position at the right hand of the Father.  No proof of this, but perhaps it doesn't take a directive. 
There may be more. 

OUTRAGEOUS!   6/1/13

The president expressed outrage when the IRS scandal broke and vowed to clean things up.  He early-retired the old chief and appointed a new chief with instructions to do a top down review. 

Now that new chief has missed a deadline to respond to a Senate inquiry.  

Boy, this should really piss the POTUS off! 

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