Thursday, May 23, 2013

Is this the End...

..of Eric Holder's career at the DoJ??

After all, how could the president speak out so strongly against his own Attorney General and not have it result in some consequences? 

MORE  5/23/13

Hopefully folks caught the tongue in cheek above.   If you watch the Obama speech (and please do so if you want some vintage Bush-bashing coupled with an explanation of drone strikes juxtaposed with a proposal to close GITMO and end the GWoT because we've basically defeated AQ Core©, complete with disruptions from Code Pink, whom Obama eventually applauds), the president has tasked Holder to chair a working group with media about press freedoms and report back to him by July.

Got that? The same guy who targeted Rosen and Fox and let his deputy target AP is being told to go have a group hug with the press and report back to Obama. Welcome to Bizarroworld. What next, asking Lois Lerner to chair a task force with the Tea Party?

As to the speech itself, many will applaud because he basically is proposing to end the GWoT and replace it with the 90s. London proves we cannot simply pretend the threat is over and go back to our routines. These people are not swayed by our freedom and secular societies, they are swayed by their ideology, which they believe is holy and compels them to destroy infidels. The guy in the street in London with bloody hands is a perfect example of the coolness these people possess. If they get their hands on WMDs they will use them without hesitation. The president well knows it, but he's still angling for his great social justice experiment that requires a domestic focus of resources, so he needs the GWoT to end soon, regardless of whether it's over or not.


Right Truth said...

Holder is safe, I wouldn't worry about him. I loved the link ad Drudge "Holder to Investigate -- Holder..."

Right Truth

Right Truth said...

I saw where the Huffington Post I think is calling for Holder's resignation. Won't hold my breath.

He could get a promotion like the rest of those who follow Obama

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

I don't think Obama wants to fire a guy who knows as much as Holder does. He knows where some bodies are buried, and he's probably hoping for another job in the Hillary administration. So I tend to agree with you.