Monday, May 06, 2013

Time to Testify

Flashback to September 10th and 11th, 2012, before the Benghazi attack occurred....

Thomas Joscelyn had an in-depth piece on this at Weekly Standard reprising his work at Longwarjournal, basically pointing out the mindset leading up to September 11th--and why it wasn't about some dopey film clip.   It was about getting certain terrorists out of jail through an equally dopey peace treaty offered up by Zawahiri through his bro wherein the west surrenders and retreats and the Islamists stop killing everyone.

All of this precursor material, including the Stevens diary found after the event, was glossed over in the months after the attack, taken care of by some awesomely ethical Accountability Review Board picked by Hillary, despite the fact the Secretary of State wasn't even interviewed for it.  The ARB report placed all the emphasis on bureaucratic actions or failures leading up to the event, conveniently taking the spotlight off the political 'calculus', which was essentially that bin Laden was dead and GM was alive.   

The next question is on Wednesday--what is going to happen to overshadow this testimony? 

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