Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Comey Strategy

This administration must really think they are crafty.  Mueller's term is up at FBI, so they float the name of James Comey as his successor.   Is there anything that isn't politics to these guys?    

Of course he's qualified, and he's a Republican.  So the mainstream media gets a two-fer:  they can pretend Obama is operating in a bi-partisan fashion in selecting someone across the aisle while every stinkin' one of them remind readers about how he was a hero of the left for standing up to Dubya back in the day.  Over secret stuff, of all things.  

Since there will be a lot of jibber-jabber about what Comey did back then here's a post from this blog back in 2007 pointing out some inconsistencies in the famous Ashcroft hospital drama.  Comey testified about this in 2007 when the Pelosi Congress came in, which this journalist called the most riveting testimony in the history of Congressional testimony.   Get the drift?  Get in trouble, need to change the subject?  Dredge up some Bushitler.  Even if it's about the same thing they are being accused of--keeping secrets, it's all they've got.  Problem is, it will probably work.    

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Right Truth said...

Hopefully it won't work.

Right Truth