Monday, May 20, 2013

Investigation Update

Another week, another Obama bombshell.  Today we learned that the Obama Justice Dept has been privately considering Fox News' James Rosen a "co-conspirator" for pursuing a leak regarding North Korea with a State Department staffer in 2009.   The case could go to court in 2014.  

So suddenly here's another story for everyone to chew on.  Reporters at the White House press briefing spent half their time trying to get something out of Jay Carney about it, but of course it's 'an ongoing criminal investigation' so he can't comment about what everyone's commenting about.

But wait, where did this story come from?  Yeah, it was first printed in the Washington Post, who has a link to the criminal complaint, but how did they get it?  Was it simply announced by the Justice Department or did someone in that department leak the story to the WaPo?   Or from some other agency?   How ironic, if so.  And just when Fox was enjoying some vindication for their years of dogged determination in doing their jobs.

There's another question pertaining to the Rosen case, the AP leak as well as the James Risen leak story that hasn't made as much news--is the Justice Department using Patriot Act "National Security Letters" in obtaining this dragnet of info?  If so, would they even be required to notify the journalist or his company within 90 days as many large news outlets reported last week?  If not, then was the Friday release about AP random or perhaps timed to coincide with the huge increase of reporter curiosity about Benghazi?   

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