Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mr. Hso finally turns himself in

Better late than never. But who knew?

Like the Craig story, this one also involves a Senator who also happens to be running for president and whose husband has had past dealings with shadowy Chinese fund-raising figures. Just a coinkidink so far. Now, the wall to wall coverage of Craig is understandable--there's GOP sex involved--but let's face it, he was a man with an identity crisis caught wiggling his, uh, hands under a bathroom stall. Hsu's story potentially offers actual corruption along with a healthy dose of hypocrisy served with an official DNC Culture of Corruption © ladle.

While the story is getting covered in the mainstream press it's probably because they feel compelled to have some mention in the archives in case it ever ends up being a real story one day. But to say they are applying the same standard used with even hints of Republican corruption is similar to advocating the medicinal benefits of LSD.

Other reasons could involve the slim hope there are Republicans involved somehow, or that the Justice Department can be depicted as mean-spirited should they attempt to investigate this case in the shadow of a coming election and after the candidates have lovingly donated his contributions to the children. Nevertheless, we did learn something:
At a new loft-style residential condominium in SoHo that was also listed as an address for one of his companies, an employee there said that he had never seen or heard of Mr. Hsu. Another company was listed at a condo that Mr. Hsu had sublet in an elegant residential tower in Midtown Manhattan just off Fifth Avenue, but an employee there said Mr. Hsu moved out two years ago, after having lived there for five years. The employee, who was granted anonymity because he was not authorized to talk about residents, said he recalled that Mr. Hsu had received a lot of mail from the Democratic Party.
I didn't post that to break any news--that doesn't happen here. I posted it because I could. It's my own little contribution to keeping this alive long enough to find out what's going on.

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