Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ayers Again

Distinguished Prof Ayers cannot be silenced, this time with a brand new column in the Huffington Post regards Obama and education. The article is pretty stock Ayers and not surprisingly towards the end he gets down to reform brass tacks:
Educators, students, and citizens must press now for an education worthy of a democracy, including an end to sorting people into winners and losers through expensive standardized tests which act as pseudo-scientific forms of surveillance
Translation--competition is bad and testing is akin to the terrorist surveillance program.

Hopefully Obama only used this fruit loop to advance within the Chicago hot dog factory and will never look back. But should he ever abandon his moderate presidential bearings and start tacking towards port we'll have to watch Ayers' harbor closely for any signs of incoming ships. BTW, he mentioned the person he'd have chosen for Secretary of Education:
Of course I would have loved to have seen Linda Darling-Hammond become Secretary of Education in an Obama administration. She's smart, honest, compassionate and courageous, and perhaps most striking, she actually knows schools and classrooms, curriculum and teaching, kids and child development.
Hey, wasn't that last sentence a triple parallel? Hmmm.


LASunsett said...

There's little doubt in my mind that Ayers is milking this late life 15 minutes of fame.

Have you noticed that his ideas are still the same old tired theories that have failed everywhere they have been implemented? People like you and me have seen this kind of thing before, yet an entire generation alive today has missed it. To them, he's a fresh face. To us, he's a cure for insomnia, boring as hell.

A.C. McCloud said...

What's noticeable is how he's tempering the message with Obama in office. Like many others I pored over his You Tube clips and blog postings before the election and saw a man who was a wee bit more radical than he now appears. Are they posing? If so, it matters as to the exact role he played in Obama's rise to fame.

Some of Ayers' former Weatherman friends have said they believe Obama is doing the moderate dance now to set up his leftward shift later. I'm not so sure. Obama could be the world's biggest political user--fine by me. I'll personally enjoy watching these moonbats cry foul.