Tuesday, January 20, 2009

If It's Tuesday This Must be ...

The inauguration.

Here's to hope...for calm under pressure, rationality in judgment, an appreciation of the past, a tendency towards moderation in the future, a Dick Cheney moment with Harry Reid one day, and for that concrete scribbling to have been an ironic joke.

MORE 1/20/09

A bit low on the inspiration and heavy on the reality with the normal dose of oratory. Not that some of both aren't needed right now. Matter of fact that was Bush's main problem in my view--he could barely inspire Barney much less the nation. Of course, what he lacked in oratory he made up for in steadfastness, principle, humanity and nerve, so we'll see where Obama matches in those departments soon.

For starters perhaps he could provide some of that promised sunshine and ask the LA Times to release the Rashid Khalidi farewell dinner tape.

BTW, as to Rev Lowery's "when white will embrace what is right" chastisement I'm down with it, brother! And I'll continue to fight, fight, fight and embrace what's "right" until my very last breath.

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