Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yes They Can

CNN ran an interview with singer '" in this morning's headlines. It was somewhat illuminating--not about about CNN:
CNN asked the 33-year-old front man for the Black-Eyed Peas to premiere the film he calls "New Day" for January 25. That gave him less than a week.
Wonder if CNN ever gave Garth Brooks a deadline to produce an inspirational film about Bush? Probably not, but OK, Barack is an historic figure so we'll give them a pass. Continuing:
CNN: When CNN came to you and said, "We want to have an impressionistic sort of a film about your experience at the inauguration," what were your first thoughts? Oh, my first thoughts were, damn, CNN, it's like, it's my little second home or something.
Hmm.. what was that about Fox News again? More:
CNN: If you could describe what your best hope for this short film, how might you put that into words? What I would like this short film to be is another seed of inspiration to remind people of the task we have ahead of us. I'm glad CNN is realizing their responsibility and still coming up with content to inspire the youth, adults, male, female, black, white, rich and poor these next four years that we have ahead of us. Coverage, content, it's all important.
Emphasis added to point out his misguided impression that CNN has the responsibility to do anything other than maintain journalistic integrity by impartially reporting the news. Of course, that's just his misguided impression. CNN's reporter replied by saying....nothing.

The problem isn't His guy won and he thinks the victory will be good for his boyhood community and others like it due to 'spread wealth'. Fine, people usually vote their wallets. And yes, and others refused to support the previous occupant of 1600, also a Christian who wanted to change the world (freedom, defeating terrorism, AIDS in Africa), largely because he was an uncool white Republican; yet now they think everybody should just fall in line behind the new guy because it's their guy. That's expected.

The problem is CNN for thinking they should facilitate that notion.

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