Friday, January 09, 2009

Lack of Stimulation

Hard to write anything today. Sometimes it seems like the events of the day become so overwhelming as to prevent even sarcasm or satire or, God forbid, thoughtful insight.

Blago's theatrics compel a response, but others have done it more justice than is possible here. We see the Baltimore Mayor joining the fray, and perhaps our own King here. Meet the new culture of corruption, same as the old one.

On the national front, Obama and Bush are apparently conspiring to find a way to use the rest of the TARP bailout money before the Congress can disabuse it. Like others, I'm growing tired but also amused at the use of words like 'recovery' and 'injection' in referring to fiscal matters--so fitting in describing our present patient.

Actually, the word 'stimulus' brings to mind a gadget advertised on TV back in the 90s called 'The Stimulator' (picture is not the real one). This hand-held shock device was later found to be a modified gas grill starter and a very poor healer overall (not sure if its use was ever responsible for any spontaneous human combustion, but it wouldn't be surprising). There's a foggy analogy to our current mess in there somewhere.

Speaking of stimuli and TARP, a few talking heads have been mentioning some kind of Gomer bill before the House that would forestall all federal taxes for 2 months instead of plowing the money into banks, such as State Farm, or repaying ACORN and the unions for their tireless work during the election. What a silly idea. Doesn't this guy understand the massive size of the tax break for a guy making 400,000 compared to say Alberto Gonzales? How utterly unfair.

But let's not let our hearts be troubled (not a plug for Hannity!) we can be comforted that journalists are working their hearts out to make sure Obama succeeds, whatever his definition of success might be. Hopefully it's the same as most of America's, which if I had to guess would probably be to survive this near unsurvivable crisis created by government, which only a government can fix.


Debbie said...

Congress and the administration were in such a rush to pass the original 750 economic salvation package, ... had to do it or the world would come to an end. Yet we will have half of it not spent, don't know where the first half really went, and the situation is worse not better.

Obama says only government can make things better. Government will create jobs (as if they could). I'm depressed.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

They really need a blue ribbon panel to sit down and determine the best way to use that remaining 350 billion in ways that will actually create jobs and/or change perception of the masses. The biggest part of any economic downturn is public attitude, which makes people put off buying the big screen and stash money in savings to protect their families or themselves.