Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Chief of the Department of Irrational Fear at NASA has now warned Obama that he's only got his first presidential term to save the world. So much for reduced expectations.

But more hangs in the balance. Taxpayers recently gave GM a 13 billion dollar Christmas present because they were on the verge of a disorderly bankruptcy (and the resulting deleterious trickle down effect, one which the left believes in wholeheartedly). The automotive world was indeed at stake.

And just what stands between utter failure and hope? Howie Long.

It's almost as if GM has placed their entire future on the shoulders of Long's ability to scare beta males away from gimmicky Ford or Dodge pickups and into manly Chevys. Watch any amount of playoff football and you'll see Howie dress down five to ten guys.

Oddly enough, the next financial crunch time for GM comes in March, right after the Super Bowl and March Madness. It's 4th and goal for Howie and America.

As to the playoffs, my private prediction earlier this week (not published here) was for Arizona versus Baltimore just because it would tick off the networks. Kurt Warner is now there, a well-known God guy, and soon we'll see whether he faces off against Modell's devils from Baltimore or that team from western PA, whatstheirfaces. Whichever, I'm going with the God guy in the big one and a last laugh for McCain.

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