Sunday, January 18, 2009

Speaker of the Grandstand

As we go forth into the age of Obama this kind of stuff will undoubtedly get more airplay:
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is receptive to the idea of prosecuting some Bush administration officials, while letting others who are accused of misdeeds leave office without prosecution, she told Chris Wallace in an interview on "FOX News Sunday."
First off, the Congress doesn't prosecute anybody, it's the Justice Department that would have that role and Obama has already strongly hinted he wants to be forward-looking.

But this coming from Nancy Pelosi, especially saying her hands might be tied, is priceless. She was the Speaker of the House, fer crying out loud. Impeachments and special prosecutors were things she could have pushed. She didn't, obviously knowing that the mere notion of criminal wrongdoing would advance her political agenda much more than actual trials.

Not only that, but she knows there are paper trials, especially with Cheney, who after 40 years in Washington knows how to create one:

Besides, Nancy's got a little splainin' to do herownself.

UPDATE 1/18/09

I got my videos mixed up. The one above was classic Cheney, but this is the one that gives hint of a paper trail.

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