Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Another Half Brother Appears

The WaPo tracked down Obama's younger paternal half-brother at a press conference... in China.

The story is interesting, detailing his relationship, education and current pursuits--a fictional auto-biography to be followed by a non-fictional auto-biography (pending contract) about his life with an abusive father who wasn't just a dream. Til now he's been in hiding, although he was in China, so.

Anyway, the WaPo informs us he moved to China after 9/11 because he lost his job in marketing and is now teaching English and saving children in his spare time. But why China? Once again, bloggers must do the work the mainstreamers won't do.

Here's a story that says he not only saves children but acts as an exporter consultant. And he wants president Obama to know that in China, family is important.

Here's family again and a mention of him dropping excerpts from a Chinese literary classic called "A Dream of Red Mansions" (possibly coming out in 2011).

In this one we get more, including his former employer (Lucent) and the fact he was involved in helping a friend open a chain of BBQ restaurants in China (sounds like a possible market). Actually this guy's sounding more and more like a capitalist with every story. But we still don't know why he would go to a communist country to be a capitalist.

Here's one that notes that he only allowed the reporters to ask five questions placed in a box. But don't forget, they're all about family in China!

Keep in mind these are pretty much different incarnations of the same wire story.

The Wall St. Journal seems to crack at least part of this mystery. Their story goes into detail on the book a little and shines some light:
The protagonist, upon arriving in China in the wake of 911 and the onset of a terrifying global war, is forced to confront his early experiences in Kenya and the United States as a result of his growing love for a beautiful Chinese woman and a young orphan. Parallels between his own upbringing and the potential family that lies before him lead to questions about his true identity, the complexities of his multi-racial family and the relationship he had known with his father.
That's about as close as I can get with the time allotted me tonight. Both books could be quite interesting as to the background of Obama's Kenyan relatives.

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