Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baluchis, Again

Ammar Al-Baluchi's counsel Scott 'the weasel' Fenstermaker was on O'Reilly and dropped some clues about the defense strategies of the murdering terrorists:

1. He wouldn't say the civilians in the towers and airplanes were murdered. What else could that mean other than self-defense? We're sure to hear about all the indiscriminate deaths from cruise missile attacks and other dabblings since 1955. Like a never ending bin Laden tape.

2. "The way these men have been treated", ie, tortured. This will be the leftist pablum part of the trial. The terrorists will use it try to sway at least one juror. The good news is maybe this suggests there will be no attacks during the trial, since the trial itself will be an attack.

3. "Defense won't necessarily be anti-American".. in other words, anti one politician or another, or anti US policy. This may get tricky since most of the 9/11 plot was formulated during the 90s. It's hard to imagine even the terrorists blaming Bill Clinton. Everyone loves Bill Clinton.

4. "You're gonna hear United States government propaganda", as opposed to plain propaganda? O'Reilly seemed to miss the distinction, which made me think of 9/11 trutherism. If not that then it's the basic 'oil for blood' etc. Bush 41 will not be spared, setting up a Bush two-fer.

5. "The people who hate me hate the rule of law". It's true John Adams defended some of the British troops involved in the Boston massacre but I think they were pleading self-defense in a mob. He sounds noble until one considers the fact Holder is trying a bunch of others in military tribunals and holding some others indefinitely. Does Holder hate the rule of law, too?

By the way, Ammar al-Baluchi, the client Fenstermaker spoke of the other day, is an interesting character in that he's part of KSM's familial clan:
Mohammed's entourage also included Aziz's cousins Abd al-Karim Yousef and Abd al-Mun'im Yousef, the older brothers of Ramzi Yousef, now serving a life term in a US prison for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. One of the Yousefs (U.S. officials won't say which) was captured recently. The other Yousef and Aziz were attempting to carry on the terror plots Mohammed was overseeing at the time of his arrest.
One of those brothers was reportedly a twin to Ramzi but neither are mentioned very often. Some have wondered why one family from Baluchistan would hold such hate for America and be such major players in two major terror attacks on our soil. One of those who has long wondered is Laurie Mylroie, who at one time thought Yousef was an Iraqi agent or proxy. She described one of the 1993 WTC conspirators, Mohammed Salameh, thusly:
Despite this pedigree, Salameh himself is naive and manipulable. When one considers that he was arrested in the process of returning to collect the deposit on the van he had rented to carry the Trade Center bomb, it is not so surprising that on June 10, soon after being recruited into Nosair's plot, Salameh made the first of forty-six calls to Iraq, the vast majority to his terrorist uncle in Baghdad.
And here she is, from the way-back machine, on Charlie Rose Show in 1994 speaking after a Clinton speech on Iraq with none other than infamous Times reporter Judy Miller (it's in the first segment):

As to al-Baluchi's money transfers, perhaps they've traced the money he wired to the hijackers, and perhaps we'll learn its origin amidst all the US Govt propaganda.

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