Sunday, November 01, 2009

Cheney Docs

The Cheney FBI 302 interview file is out and contains some insight along with a few Cheneyisms. Here's one, from very early in the interview:
His initial reaction to the Wilson article was that it was 'amateur hour' out at the CIA
Some pages later he recollects the period between the Wilson NY Times column on July 6 and Novak's earth-shaking column on July 14:
He does recall at one point 'gigging' Tenet and/or McGlaughlin about vetting a separate, and entirely unrelated intelligence matter by sarcastically suggesting to them that perhaps they ought to send Joe Wilson to check it out.
No wonder so many people in the CIA probably hated this guy. Here's another gem, from a question regards the crucial lunch meeting between Ari Fleischer and Libby, a compelling point during trial:
He is not aware of any lunch meetings or discussions between Ari Fleischer and Scooter Libby, but it would not surprise him if they had been to lunch together at some time during Fleischer's White House tenure.
As to insight, it's pretty clear from this reading that Cheney wasn't throwing Libby many life lines while busy saving himself. It would be interesting to hear Scooter's opinion on this.

But that's losing the big picture. Whatever Darth said or didn't say is largely irrelevant in regards to the raison d'etre for all things Plame. Had what Wilson didn't find in Africa been so important he could have been leaked it BEFORE the invasion. By waiting until nothing turned up the entire thing came off as a political stunt to help deflect blame away from CIA and the mainstream media while helping to elect Kerry, which actually succeeded well beyond Cheney's 'amateur hour' description (he needs to stay away from predictions).

Anyone following the case objectively knows that Wilson tried to mislead by suggesting he was sent to Africa at the "behest" of the OVP, who then ignored his findings in the rush to war. In truth the CIA analysts who did see his 'widely disseminated' out-brief were more convinced than ever Saddam had clandestine nuclear aspirations, which probably answers the question of why it wasn't leaked pre-war. All of this led to a Senate Intelligence Committee investigation that produced a collective "you lie" to Joe Wilson. That should have been the end of it.

But it lingers. Some on the left haven't yet given up on impeachment, but in truth the true truth may never come out. Cheney's writing a book but how far he chooses to go in this area is anyone's bet, and even he mentions it many won't believe him and besides, his testimony here was a testament to the game-playing, butt-covering nature of Washington.

As to the current crew, it's highly doubtful Obama will wade into this territory due to the blowback potential. They'd rather have foreigners do it (whilst going for a new shield law) and dither around with torture, at least until it becomes unproductive. Meanwhile, the Plameologists will keep waiting and hoping that someone catches some spilled truth one day, like the little balloon boy on CNN.


Debbie said...

And what about Richard Armitage??? Does he continue to get off without a blemish?

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

The left never cared about finding the leaker, they cared about creating a "you lie" meme about Bush/Cheney so they could win their power back. But you knew that.. ;-)