Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Special Election Politics

ABC has weighed in on what the special elections really mean:'09 Exit Polls: Voters Approve of Obama, Wary of Economy . Considering the fact the voters overwhelmingly tossed Obama's approved candidate for Virginia; and considering the fact that Bush was blamed for the economic collapse that rubbed off on McCain/Palin; and considering the fact that the sitting president usually owns the economy, good or bad: this is really puzzling.

On another topic, Glenn Beck thinks the mood in the country is more towards a third party than bringing back Republicans. I concur. We've had relatively lousy governance in Congress since the late 90s under both majorities. When Palin resigned from the Alaska governorship my WAG was that she was setting up for a third party. I'm sticking with that, for awhile at least.


LASunsett said...

I think that despite the WH's spin on these results, there is some private concern. I think the writing is clearly on the wall, especially now that we hear that the Senate may not take up healthcare until next year.

The blue dogs will try to fool the people again, but it will be up to the people to decide whether they want to empower the Dems for two more years, with a Dem in the WH.

A.C. McCloud said...

Just sitting here watching O'Reilly slap Stephanopolous around like a cat with a toy. George was trying to say the VA and NJ voters were only reacting to the economy not Obama, then said property taxes were high, which has nothing to do with the economy.

What I saw in NY-23 was a conservative trying to maintain the party. Owens looks like another blue dog Dem, no different than Scozzafava really. And look at how much trouble the Dem majority is having in trying to pass health care.