Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fensterman Follies

Captain Ed had an interesting back and forth with "Fensterman", the lawyer skewered on O'Reilly the other night for refusing to say the 9/11 victims were murdered. Mr. Fenstermaker contacted Ed after he leaked a memo on why he was booted from the attorney group representing the terrorists at Gitmo, which Ed said was tied to the notion that Fenstermaker was a '9/11 Truther'.

Hmm. Well, tooting my horn a moment, here's what I said about the interview yesterday:
4. "You're gonna hear United States government propaganda", as opposed to plain propaganda? O'Reilly seemed to miss the distinction, which made me think of 9/11 trutherism. If not that then it's the basic 'oil for blood' etc. Bush 41 will not be spared, setting up a Bush two-fer.
That came from 'US govt propaganda', which can only be taken as trutherism or generic 'war for oil' stuff. Fenstermaker's reply to Ed was almost cartoonish:
I don’t know what a “9/11 Truther” is. If you explain it to me, I’ll let you know if I’m one.
Which was followed by the explanation, replied to with this:
I have no idea who attacked the WTC, and couldn’t care less.
Having "no idea" might be his way to protect the terror clients, but "couldn't care less" about an attack on our country puts him into asshat territory.

Meanwhile, it's time for the featured Baluchi item of the day.. Fensterman supplied Ed with a document purportedly from Ammar that features excellent English handwriting and a command of the language.

Website notice -

It also seems to suggest these guys have access to the internet. Are they on Twitter perhaps? Not that we wouldn't be watching every click, but that doesn't always ensure success as the past alludes.

Final Baluchi tidbit of the day... according to wiki Ammar married Aafia Siddiqui, currently engaged in making a circus of her trial in the Apple:
In 2002, 'Ammar directed Aafia Siddiqui--a US-educated neuroscientist and al-Qa'ida facilitator--to travel to the United States to prepare paperwork to ease Majid Khan's deployment to the United States. 'Ammar married Siddiqui shortly before his detention.
Maybe that explains Ammar's language skills. As to his wife (ex wife?), many think she's angling to get off on an insanity rap. Of course, many also consider murdering in the name of God insane. Others are curious, curious as to the mystery (Fensterman would approve).

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