Friday, November 06, 2009

The War on Reality

Rational folks may need to watch this video at their own risk lest they suffer from a sudden blood vessel pop or an exploding head:

For some reason the left really has a problem with calling a spade a spade. These people got some angry in 'em, especially the lady. And even Dr. Phil, who shares a profession with the Major, seemed close to snapping there for a minute.

Meanwhile, as the war against Islamic militants and terrorists rages on two fronts the war on reality continues here in America.

MORE 11/6/09

There seem to be big questions as to how the Army didn't weed this guy out. This view seems compelling, without any other information. As to jihad sympathizers in the military, none can top Ali Mohammed, who was stationed at Fort Bragg at one time (although it's possible the government knew of his associations).


This appears interesting (despite the moronic premise of the CNN story):
Another neighbor, Willie Bell, said Hasan had helped him set up his laptop and regularly tapped into Bell's wireless service. Bell, a maintenance man at Fort Hood who didn't show up for work Thursday, said he was interviewed by the FBI for four hours that day and the laptop was seized. He said he received two calls from Hasan early Thursday, one at 2:37 a.m. asking Bell to turn on the wireless service and again at 5 a.m. to say he was moving.
Keeping in mind that Hasan was a major in the Army--no chump change salary there--why was he living in a 350/month dump? And why would he want access to some maintenance guy's wireless domain? Well, those have easy speculative answers of course--one, he wanted extra money for something and two, he didn't want his internet tracks on his own dsl network, figuring he could surf unnoticed using the technologically clueless maintenance man's DSL domain. The internet capture might be quite interesting, should they ever reveal it.

MORE 11/7/09

The debate rages on as to whether Hasan just happened to be a fundamentalist who cracked for reasons other than jihad and killed 13 military men and women, or if was engaging in actual jihadi combat. If it's the former, why couldn't he have gone crazy at the 7-11 or downtown Killeen?

Whatever the case there is a real hesitancy to label the man a terrorist right now. Interesting though, the media has no trouble calling this man a domestic terrorist. Note the last name.

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Debbie said...

I had not heard that about the internet, VERY interesting. Can't wait to see what was going on there.

Deborah F. Hamilton
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