Saturday, November 14, 2009

Obama's Asian Adventure

Obama's trip to 'Asia' is producing some interesting copy so far. Of course his bow before the Japanese Emperor has made some news as did the dodge of a reporter's question about Fat Man and Little Boy.

The latter was not hard to understand considering the fact he's promoting a world without nukes. As to the bow, just part of the global apology tour.

But some might be surprised by this WaPo story about Chinese racial bigotry:
So nothing prepared Lou, whose father is a black American, for the furor that erupted in late August when she beat out thousands of other young women on "Go! Oriental Angel," a televised talent show. Angry Internet posters called her a "black chimpanzee" and worse. One called for all blacks in China to be deported.
Don't they know it's offensive to use the word "Oriental" in the Orient Asia now?

Ironically, Obama's half-brother lives in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. He kept a low profile during the elections, preferring not to be interviewed while the press was recounting Barack's dream of their shared father, a book that mentioned a "Mark" as having a less than rosy recall of the old man.

No wonder we didn't hear from Mark at the time--it appears his view was based more on reality than dreams.

But he's been in the news lately with the launch of a partial biography. Curiously, the Chinese racist angle didn't come up in some recent portrayals, which included mention of a Chinese girlfriend.

Anyway, what's the protocol for greeting a Maoist? Was this it?

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