Saturday, October 23, 2010

Former Times Honcho Defends Williams Firing in Times

Feel free to read the article, explaining that Juan Williams had violated one too many of NPR's rock solid ethics rules that never applied to any of their other journalists. In other words, not only was Williams either crazy or out for money, but he was a screw-up who couldn't follow orders directions.

But this is the coup de grace of the article:
Before joining NPR in January 2009, Ms. Schiller was the senior vice president and general manager of
For those of us who didn't know that was quite an LOL. Not only that, but before working for the Times she was a honcho at--wait for it--CNN. Yep. People used to call it the Communist News Network, well according to her online bio she had the cred:
Ms. Schiller earned her master's degree in Russian from Middlebury College in 1984 and her bachelor's degree in Russian and Soviet Studies from Cornell University in 1983.
OK, OK! Certainly one cannot judge this woman and her career solely based on her resume. And just because her background includes time at two of the more liberally-tilted media outlets in the country doesn't mean she was brought into NPR as part of some clandestine war on Fox News like Linda Douglass (former MSM reporter) and Anita Dunn (a war that has now apparently become a quagmire). It's just a little cartoonish, that's all.

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