Monday, October 18, 2010

Whose Fault Again?

Local story here about a Baptist Church reaching out to the Muslim community for some interfaith peace, love and understanding..
"The best way to express our support and extend a warm hand of fellowship to our Muslim neighbors here in Memphis was to get together and break bread," said Dr. Billy Bickers of the Prescott Baptist Church.
Maybe that's what Jesus would do. Or maybe He would reflect what another Baptist preacher in Dallas said recently, it's hard to know. We do know that Islam in America is not going anywhere soon, so we need to find a way to coexist. But coexisting isn't a one way street. Is it really helpful for Muslims to react this way:
The Islamic faith has been under attack in recent months...

..the Mid-South Islamic community says it is tired of the discrimination and hateful acts.

"I pay taxes, I vote, I've served in the military, I was born in this country and because I wear a head scarf I'm somehow different? If I take off my head scarf and walk down the street nobody is going to look at me twice,” said American Muslim Maureen Ameen.
Yes, well major Nidal Hasan served in the military and paid his taxes before opening fire and blasting 40 of his fellow soldiers while yelling Allahu Akbar. Just today four Muslims were found guilty in New York for conspiring to blow up a synagogue. The Times Square bomber was recently convicted and sentenced to life--he proclaimed pride in being a terrorist, just like Ramzi Yousef did in 1997. Meanwhile the underwear bomber and others remain on trial or await their day in court. They are all Muslims, killing in the name of Islam.

Interfaith dialogue is imperative but until Muslims start walking out when people like Imam Rauf claim America was partly to blame for 9/11 there will never be any true hope for peace, love and understanding here on our shores. It's only human nature for non-Muslims to wonder if guy walking down the street with the headscarf might explode or open fire out of the blue after almost two decades of attacks in the name of Islam. And the US media and shows like 'the View' need to stop pretending that Islam is the one 'under attack' while ignoring the steady stream of attacks in the name of Islam. Neither America nor American Islam can continue to prosper living outside this reality.


Debbie said...

That article on the Dallas pastor you link to is very interesting. I think he is right. What is interesting is the reporter went to a psychologist as an expert. That was strange. Also going to a Methodist was a little strange also, because many Methodists as well as Presbyterians, have gone Multi-culti to the extreme.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

I don't know if the Dallas guy should have gone that far in the pulpit or maybe turned the other cheek. I watched the video of his response and it was probably too long. He's right, but there's a limit to where it's no longer productive.

My beef is more with the people who cannot face the reality of what's going on. Here we are fighting a war in Afghan to stop Muslims from opening terror sanctuaries there and people here, like on the View, are busting someone for saying Muslims attacked us on 9/11 without clarifying it as extremists. What will happen when the next attack occurs?

Debbie said...

I'm not sure the pulpit was the proper place for this type presentation in the first place, but...