Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stealing Our Democracy

How dare they! How? Desperate times and all. Here's the theme of a new DNC ad against those evil repukes:
"Stop stealing our democracy"
Hey, everyone knew the party of ends justify means...the party of 'I won'...the party of personal destruction cough Palin cough O'Donnell would play the Bush card--they made a promise. No shocker.

Yeah, one could question whether the DNC is even aware that we don't have a democracy but rather a constitutional republic, but that begs another question--how could so many holders of JDs get it so wrong? Perhaps they purposefully meant to equate America to dime a dozen third world "democracies" run by tinpots. Maybe that's where the true hope and change lies.

But the bigger question is why in the world would the president want to wage open warfare with the US Chamber of Commerce--during a recession? Seems just a tad counter-productive, especially since he has two more years to work with them in his laser-like focus on jobs, jobs, jobs and they represent the folks who create lots of jobs, jobs, jobs. So it's very very weird, even from an Axelrod political perspective or even a D'Souza analyzed anti-colonialist viewpoint, unless they are simply figuring their target voters have no clue what a chamber of commerce is or does. Just associate them with Rove and they become evil and must be defeated at all costs (unlike say, the Taliban)!

And that leaves another question, whether this new attack signifies a coming scorched-earth strategy should the Republicans take back control of Congress. Over the past few days there have certainly been stories about 'hand to hand combat' and 'play(ing) hell' by both Obama and Biden in describing how they will guard the change in a post GOP apocalypse (victory) world. And here it seems like just yesterday they were whining about a lack of cooperation from the minority party while condemning them as a party of fear. Go figure.

Oh well, who knows. This is Obama, the enigma. Maybe it's not really a sign of the coming revoluciĆ³n but just some pot rattling to turn out the base, sort of like getting rid of a warmongering general as NSA in favor of a political hack (thanks to the awesomely fortuitous timing of Bob Woodward's new manuscript) a month before the mid-terms and the effect it might have on certain voters. Politics as usual, in other words, the kind of undeliverable Obama said he wouldn't deliver but did. Then again, something about this smacks to a certain degree of truth.


Debbie said...

Pelosi insinuated she was concerned about violence from the TEA party participants. Sounds Like Obama et al are the ones inciting violence. He says "Are you ready to FIGHT?" Biden talks about fighting in the streets, or something.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

They are flat out getting dangerous, I'd say. Trumka, the AFL-CIO guy, made a veiled threat at the recent rally and is now insinuating that a lame duck Congress may pass card check. Talk about inciting stuff...

Anonymous said...

Sunset tells us it takes but a few seconds to vote, but years to undo that vote. He’s right, but I have no confidence that the American people are learning that lesson. I have no confidence that the GOP is listening carefully enough to a seething populace and I seriously doubt that even a majority GOP Congress has the courage to address repealing Obama-care and a host of other “destructive” measures passed by Congress over the past four years. We live in interesting times … and it will become even more interesting if voters fail to maintain greater vigilance over politicians, some of whom (like Ann Kirkpatrick) are compulsive liars.

A.C. McCloud said...

Mustang, agree 100 percent. If the GOP gets their power back and proceeds to business as usual the people will become very restless in the years to come. Not good.