Saturday, October 23, 2010

Next Time use the Replay

Hard to conceal the sinful glee of seeing the Yankees go down in flames in Bush Country last night. Nick Swisher once again gets hit by a pitch but this time he doesn't complain and a run scores while 6 umpires stand there doing their best impressions of Sgt Schultz, as if it was perfectly natural for a thrown ball to defy physics and change direction all by itself.

As John Smoltz said, baseball should use instant replay for situations where runs are scored on controversial calls. Sounds reasonable assuming the umpires' union doesn't file a grievance. It's silly to have replay capability and not use it, such as with the clear fan interference on Cano's home run in an earlier game, yet another gift run given to the Bronx Bombers in October.

Whatever the case, the Giants have a potential to make this World Series a real ratings yawner with a win today. One has to think the network honchos at Fox are secretly rooting for a Philly victory to keep the east coast megalopolis interested but maybe if Frisco does win they can generate interest by juxtaposing politics into the mix. How about pictures of Dubya rooting for Texas versus pictures of Jerry Brown or Nancy Pelosi or Babs Boxer at Giants stadium (assuming they actually go to games)? Hey, liberals can get into the playoffs too--who can forget watching Jane Fonda doing the "Tomahawk Chop"?!

Maybe Fox can scroll something like "Bush Country versus the Ninth Circuit" or the "it's the battle between the rednecks and the fruits and nuts"! Of course none of that would be necessary for us purist (but biased) baseball fans...just seeing Josh Hamilton float a few balls in McCovey Cove would be enough.

And with that comes our musical selection this week...

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