Monday, October 11, 2010

Throwing the Book at Him

Let me first say I deplore throwing anything at a president in public, including shoes. But the story about the book thrown at president Obama (and no, not by an Orly Taitz judge) is puzzling in its lack of coverage in the national media. Per JOM, the NY Times kinda picked up the story sorta:
Obama seemed not to notice the book that landed near him on an outdoor stage after he finished speaking to a large crowd Sunday. The president had turned his back to shake hands with people on another side of the stage.
In other words, the thrown book did not faze the fearless commander-in-chief, who was too busy talking with constituents to notice. Except for the fact the Brit story showed a picture of the book flying past his head while he was smiling and facing the crowd as did a video of the event. His back was not turned to the book, he just didn't react to it. Does the Times newsroom not understand the digital age? And here they said McCain was a tech loser.

Ironically, Bill O'Reilly was trying to convince Bernie Goldberg this evening that the elite media is no longer in the tank for this president based on Bob Schieffer's 'grilling' of David Axelrod on Sunday--maybe Bill should review this story and compare it to the reaction of anything thrown at Bush. Anyway, they haven't released the name of the culprit yet...
Spokesman Ed Donovan said the man had written the book and hoped the president would read it. Donovan said agents concluded the man posed no danger.
And no, there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that the book thrower was actually O'Reilly himself in disguise and the book was Pinheads and Patriots.

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