Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Traditional Muslim Garb in Memphis

Irony strikes in Memphis:
A man in traditional Muslim clothing caused a “security scare” at Memphis International Airport Tuesday morning, officials said.
Seems the poor guy got sick and went into the lavatory, taking awhile, then bumped the seat cover on the way out. When the flight attendants went in and saw the place a bit rumpled they snatched the family off the plane for questioning. Just an innocent reaction ala Juan Williams, or should they be fired for profiling? Isn't that exactly what they did? Or does a suspicious person going into a bathroom signal anything unusual (part 5 of that video series is here, which includes a very prescient remark by the Filipino police chief)?

Meanwhile, Memphis is becoming a sort of airline security focal point. The pilot who refused to be nude-scanned on his way to a flight last week is now suing Big Sis over 4th Amendment violations. My question is who decides to pull people out of line for the digital strip search and what's the criteria? And does the scanner have a USB port...


Debbie said...

Had not heard the pilot was suing, good for him.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

It should be interesting, but my prediction is that he loses.