Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So Much for that Central Front

Barack Obama gained the presidency by being the only liberal candidate who didn't have Iraq baggage and by claiming that Bush had abandoned the 'central front in the war on terror'--Afghanistan. Here's Obama making his case:

How could someone who said "this is a war we have to win" allow the enemy to make a peace agreement so our forces can leave:
The Taliban leaders coming into Afghanistan for talks have left their havens in Pakistan on the explicit assurance that they would not be attacked or arrested by NATO forces, Afghans familiar with the talks said. Many top Taliban leaders reside in Pakistan, where they are believed to enjoy at least some official protection.

In at least one case, Taliban leaders crossed the border and boarded a NATO aircraft bound for Kabul, according to an Afghan with knowledge of the talks. In other cases, NATO troops have secured roads to allow Taliban officials to reach Afghan- and NATO-controlled areas so that they can take part in discussions. Most of the discussions have taken place outside of Kabul, according to the Afghan official.
While it's a near surety that most Americans are tired of this war (whether they think it's important or not) there's no way America can leave or even wind down operations there without bringing bin Laden and Zawahiri back with us. Right?

Or is it conceivable, assuming peace breaks out over there, that our sycophant press could let Obama get away with such a blatant stunt, which would strongly suggest his surge was essentially performed to make it appear he was upholding a campaign promise with no intentions of ever 'winning' there? OK one sycophant won't--we already know Bob Woodward isn't onboard.

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Debbie said...

Yes this was a NATO deal, but the US, Pakistanis, Afghans were in on it of course, not sure about the Brits. The thought of negotiating with the Taliban is disgusting to me. I haven't heard from any sources involved in this for months now, not since Mullah Mohammed Omar was set up in a cozy spot.

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