Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rethinking Palin

Sarahcuda seems to be on the move...towards a run for president. Let me be the first to say my opinion stated here was that she would not run, or if so, would not get nominated, much less elected. But what do I know? There was a time I thought Obama had no chance against the mighty Clinton machine.

Palin is showing herself to be a very strong individual, a person of character and grit with a sunny, positive attitude. Those are the exact kinds of qualities Americans gravitate towards in a leader. This article linked off Drudge seems to nail the latest developments in the Palin odyssey:
She’s Ronald Reagan — at least a smidge. Palin frequently invokes the name of the 40th president. Of course, she can’t match his decades of debating public issues before winning the presidency in 1980. But like RR, Palin has been maligned and downgraded by the media and punditocracy. But when Reagan stood next to Jimmy Carter and got to make his case in his own words, opinions changed.
They called RR a warmongering dummy for years and all he did was win two elections. The big question with Palin is whether she might 'go rogue' if the establishment GOP locks her out next year, which is certainly possible. The Christine O'Donnell flap about the 1st Amendment and other recent 'foupas' made by socially conservative candidates suggests a possible split on the right at some point.

If nothing else it would be interesting to see whether three parties could exist in our current two party system. Just guessing again here, but probably not, although not sure which conservative entity would emerge against the Rush Limbaughs and Karl Roves. Anyway, my other prediction regards Palin is still in play.. (and no, I don't frequent the dog track).

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Debbie said...

I would vote for her. I got discouraged with her a bit when she supported McCain and then another woman candidate I didn't particularly like, but I've forgiven her for that. She seems to be on a roll since then.

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