Thursday, October 21, 2010

Questions for the Questioners

Valerie and Joe Plame are back out on the media circuit pimping their movie "Fair Game" (starring a star-struck Naomi Watts and Sean Penn), which conveniently opens right before the mid-terms. For those who've purposely forgotten--never mind.

Their interview today with Wolf Blitzer today was incendiary--Joe called both Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby "traitors" but the questions were fairly puffballish. So, since they are intent on bringing this tired story back to the forefront again here's a few suggestions for future interviewers as to questions as yet answered...
  • For Joe-- why were you less than truthful to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence?
  • Joe again--don't you think your finding that Iraq sent a delegation to Niger in 1999 was somewhat a confirmation of Cheney and the Brit government's concerns about uranium?
  • For Val-- why did you tell Henry Waxman's committee one thing and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence another about who recommended Joe for Africa? Who actually recommended Joe for Africa?
  • For Val and Joe--what do you think Andrea Mitchell meant when she told Don Imus that 'everybody knew' that Valerie was CIA, at least those who covered Washington?
  • For Val--how involved were you in the meeting between Joe and New York Times columnist Nic Kristoff in the month before all this started?
  • For Joe--when did you first become involved with the Kerry campaign?
  • For Joe--since you went to Niger in March 2002 and was a TV consultant leading up to the Iraq invasion, why did you wait until WMD stockpiles were not found to go public with your charges?
  • For Val and Joe--why did you appear in Vanity Fair magazine after the initial leak if you were worried about contacts and sources?

As to Rachel Maddow's retraction (after saying a GOP congressmen got advanced warning of an attack on the Murrah Federal Bldg).. well, at least she retracted it, albeit without much of an apology.

But after seeing the commercial on how diligent she digs into stories perhaps she can now lean forward into the question why Nichols went to the Philippines and who he might have met there. Or why the media basically blacked out the story about mobster Joe Scarpa Jr tipping off the FBI to a secret cache of explosives hidden in Nichols Kansas home and what was found on them, and whether that led credibility to the other stuff Scarpa told them about Ramzi Yousef's intentions.

Nothing but the truth will do.


Anonymous said...

So, you want nothing but the truth, eh?—pan to Jack Nicholson: “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.”

Okay, I was only kidding. You can handle it if you want. Ah me, the truth. Okay, try this: there isn’t enough beer within the continental limits of the United States to make Rachel Maddow attractive, even if I were a lesbian.

I don’t know why you are so intent on asking Joe Wilson anything; the man is a negative of Barack Obama. It is simply not within his DNA structure to accept responsibility for anything. Who do you think was whispering in April Glaspie’s ear in July 1990? He dropped that fiasco in her lap and went off to pursue his own career, to hell with American interests, his former boss, or how many Americans would have to die in that sand box to cover up his incompetence. Now as far as Val is concerned, she is the reason we cannot assert with any degree of certainty that only opposites attract; she is as much an opportunist as Joe, Jaime Gorelick, or any number of nitwits who, if there were justice, would all be serving 20-years to life in a federal prison.

After-thought: Does Sunsett know you're watching CNN? He took away my remote for that ...

A.C. McCloud said...

I like asking rhetorical questions that will never be answered.. that's why this blog is so popular!

BTW, I've got CNN patched through on the internets now. LA can't touch me.. yet.