Friday, July 12, 2013

Confirmation Action!

Yes, those two terms rarely go together, especially when the word "Senate" is added.   But there were two interesting confirmation hearings this past week; one featuring James Comey as head of the FBI and the other Victoria Nuland as a Deputy Secretary of State.

For those not scoring at home Comey was the central figure in the "Ashcroft hospital drama" back in 2004 wherein the NSA surveillance program allegedly almost caused a mass resignation of the Justice Department.  Nuland's interest stems from her participation in the Benghazi talking points.  So clearly the GOP had reason to inquire as to items from their pasts. 

And they did.  Here's perhaps the seminal moment from the Nuland hearing where Rubio summarizes the talking points process and exposes the falsehood pushed by people in the administration that the CIA actually changed the draft when in fact they merely changed the text at the behest of people in State and the WH ..

A follow-on post will cover Mr. Comey's hearing. 

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