Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More on Hastings

Remember the tragic death of reporter Michael Hastings last month?  He was killed when his car rammed a tree in the wee hours of the morning in LA traveling at a high rate of speed.  Many speculated on what he was working on and if there was foul play--Hastings had done the Rolling Stone piece on General McCrystal and had made a few enemies in the Obama administration as well as others.

At last check they were waiting on the toxicology report for an exact cause of death.  These toxicology reports always seem to take forever, which is amazing considering how technology has advanced.  Makes one wonder if they must be sent to Antarctica for processing.

Actually, it turns out they should be sent to Canada:
The BC Coroners Service has confirmed the cause of death for Cory Monteith. Post-mortem testing, which included an autopsy and toxicological analysis, found that Mr. Monteith, aged 31, died of a mixed-drug toxicity involving heroin and alcohol.
Several days.  That's all it took for BC officials to test Cory Monteith.  So why does it take over a month in the States?  Are Medical Examiner officials in high profile cases using toxicology report delays to get stories out of the news and tamp down public interest, as seemed to be the case with Breitbart?

Such things lead to conspiracies.  Right now some are making hay with the fact the LA Coroner's office sent Mr. Hastings' remains home in an urn.  Some in his family claim they never authorized a cremation:
Hastings’ friend and confidant SSgt. Joe Biggs disclosed a macabre twist in the award-winning journalist’s death in a suspicious single-car accident. According to SSgt. Biggs, “Michael Hastings’ body was returned to Vermont in an urn.” He further alleged, “Family members did not want Michael’s body cremated.”
Sounds somewhat strange, unless he was burned so badly there wasn't much left.  The same San Diego reporter continues:
Despite the LAPD's categorization of the Hasting fatal accident as a "no (evidence of) foul play,” LAPD continues to ignore FOIA (CPRA in Calif.) requests made by San Diego 6 News for the police report, 9/11 call, autopsy, bomb squad and toxicology reports, or make the Mercedes available for inspection which only fuels conjecture.
The fact that News 6 San Diego FOIA'd the toxicology report despite the Coroner saying it would take weeks indicates they don't believe in these long delays either.  And good grief, our old friend Richard "Boogie to Baghdad" Clarke has even weighed in with a 'car hacking' theory worthy of "Q". 

But whatever.  Let's get back to our never-ending conversation on race.


Right Truth said...

Stranger by the day. The fact that they cremated the body against the wishes of the family is very interesting. Might be good to do a DNA test on the ashes. Want to bet they don't belong to Hastings???

This hasn't gotten much news unfortunately.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

I wasn't going to blog on it anymore until I saw a news station in San Diego reporting on it, which tends to give it a bit more credibility.

Not sure there's anything amiss here---I was simply flabbergasted by the quick turnaround on the toxicology report in Canada compared to here and can't help but think these long delays are intentional and designed to take the air out of the stories.