Saturday, July 27, 2013

Coup, not a Coup

We've seen some stories recently about the usefulness/uselessness of the White House press briefing.  Based on the content that comes from of it and the lapdog reporters asking the so-called questions it's definitely a waste of time most days.  Probably necessary, but a waste nonetheless.

But the State Department daily briefing is an entirely different beast.   This.... what a press briefing is supposed to look like. 

As to content of Friday's version, it certainly appears that the administration wants it both ways on Egypt.  While it's obvious as to why--there's a real national security interest at stake--the perception of going around a law only adds to the whole 'phony scandal' atmosphere they have helped to create, ie, real scandals based on the root notion they don't need to follow the laws of this nation. 

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