Friday, July 19, 2013

Obama Sends Message on Zimmerman

The national outrage over the justice system and the white racists who run it was egged on today by the president, who sauntered into the White House propaganda room and weighed in.

Taking no questions, he hinted that while there might not be a Justice Department persecution, some of us out here in flyover country have some soul-searching to do.  On something (he was rather vague on who and what, but left some clues).

In doing so the prez put himself in his son's shoes and talked about his own travails as a scary black man in America, not quite pinning down a time or location of these experiences.  Were they in Hawaii?  Indonesia? Chicago?  Columbia?  Harvard?   He also didn't give any examples of other races experiencing the same thing, such as Hispanic or East Asians being targeted or profiled or made fun of (Wee Tu Low) but since nobody in the post-verdict universe is mentioning anyone but white people presumably he wasn't talking about them.  Not all whites mind you--white liberals helped elect him twice it's safe to assume he wasn't referring to them either.  They are cool.   That leaves what, the Tea Party?  

Meanwhile here in reality world, Zimmerman is 50 percent Latino on his mother's side, who appears to have some black ancestry as well.  Obama is 50 percent white on his mother's side.  They are both mixed race.  The Martins have implicitly stated all along that race was not a factor in the case.   Apparently the president hasn't been listening.  

It's hard to say whether the Hispanic "community" even considers Zimmerman authentic.  They certainly seem to be silent on the whole thing.   No word from LaRaza or Juan Gonzales or the like.

Over at Huffpo some kind of Latino answer man had a response--it's because Zimmerman "murdered" Martin.   Guilty until proven innocent, then still guilty.

But the more likely reason we are not getting a hue and cry is because the major Latino organizations are no different than the NAACP or NOW--they are first and foremost liberal advocacy groups.  Race is just their tool.  There is no win in defending a half-white Jewish Latino because it means taking on the half-white president who is fighting for amnesty. So like the media they simply pretend Zimmerman is a white guy. 

Speaking of the fawning media, including Chris Wallace at Fox, they will no doubt continue to applaud the post-racial president for stepping up and adding his important two cents to the never-ending national conversation on GOP white racism, er, race.  The first opinionator will remain in his holding pattern high over Mount Teflon, looking down on the sinners and rubes, smiling as the plan comes together. 

WHODUNIT?   7/20/13

The Daily Mail has a tattletale from a WSJ reporter who claims she was at a snazzy book launch party in 2003 in Tina Brown's home that Obama was also attending when some "established author" (presumably white but she didn't say) mistook Barry for a waiter and asked him to go "fetch a drink".   Since the party was held for former Clintonite Sidney Blumenthal we must ask, who was it?   We already know that Bill Clinton himself admitted that Obama was at the level of fetching coffee just a few years before he rose to power. 


Right Truth said...

Nice job.

" The first opinionator will remain in his holding pattern high over Mount Teflon, looking down on the sinners and rubes, smiling as the plan comes together. "

So true. And pertaining to Chris Wallace, he wasn't the only one on Fox. Special Report panel was unanimous, Obama did a good job.


Still trying to give the president the benefit of the doubt when we all know exactly where he is coming from.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Obama could have made some good points on the IRS, Snowden, NSA spying thing, James Rosen, Benghazi, the lackluster economy, the FUBAR in Syria and Egypt (and whether it was a coup or not). All of those are more relevant than yet another national conversation on race based on an isolated, tragic event in Florida between a black kid and a half-Hispanic neighborhood watchman.

The media can be blamed for 75 percent of this.