Friday, July 12, 2013

More Confirmation Action...

As to the Comey hearing, similar to the Nuland hearing there was a good bit of posturing and some grandstanding (Cruz) but here's an exchange that warrants some illumination..

In other words, what Comey objected to during the Ashcroft hospital drama was neither the TSP nor the NSA metadata program, but something still classified.  Interesting.  Nobody brought up Comey's role in selecting Patrick Fitzgerald to go after Scooter Libby and by extension, Cheney (Senator Sessions did remind the panel that he was behind the Martha Stewart prosecution) but several GOP Senators did press him as to whether he would continue to speak truth to power as a member of the Obama administration about various and sundry issues, such as surveillance or going after the IRS for politically targeting conservatives.  His affirmative answers are on the record for posterity.

By the way, Senator Schumer actually used the phrase "profiles in courage" when addressing Comey's last testimony in front of Congress during the Bush years, which made him a sort of folk hero for the left.  This is a screen shot of Comey's reaction...

That's not a pleasant look.  I saw that as a good sign insofar as not brimming over a liberal Democrat using him as a prop to illustrate how terrible the previous administration was, perhaps with a realization of why he was selected by the president (to keep that memory alive for politics).  Maybe it was partly a realization of who his new friends might be and their possible reaction should he get into the job and find some irregularities as he did before.    

For what it's worth, both Comey and Nuland appear to be extremely capable individuals who should serve the nation well.  Both had to tip-toe through sensitive political minefields in their duties but neither appear to be overly partisan.  Of course, appearances can be deceiving, so we'll see.

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