Thursday, July 25, 2013

Investigation Update

While people follow the shiny object news stories of the moment several "phony scandals" are still out there without resolution.

1.  IRS-gate.  News from the past week suggests a connection to a White House-appointed lawyer at IRS; the media has done a collective yawn after getting the scoop from potentially compromised members of the administration.   

What about the FBI investigation into the event?  A month after the case broke open, or three weeks ago, it was reported that no FBI contacts had been made with the affected parties.  Shortly thereafter the Director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, appeared to be addled at the mere question of such an investigation.  Now, who knows?  But don't worry, when liberal hero James Comey arrives as Director he will get to the bottom of everything.  And Obama is still reported to be outraged.  

2.  AP-gate.  Recall the seizure of phone logs from 40 AP lines out of the Capitol was in support of a US Attorney-led investigation into who leaked to them about a "double-agent" operating for the UK-Saudi Arabia in Yemen, infiltrating AQAP.  It's been well over a year now--is the FBI ready to indict anyone yet?  The other case referred by Holder at the same time (to another US Attorney regards Iran and Stuxnet) has produced a suspect leaker--General Cartwright, and presumably without any snoop shenanigans (that we know of).  Surely Obama is outraged. 

3.  Rosen-gate.  A question remains--was Fox News ever told that Rosen's emails and phones were being tapped?   And just exactly what is the accountability over a federal judge allowing information that was supposed to be public from being made public (conveniently past the 2012 election)?   Good grief, the NTSB intern and the TV producers were fired over the Wi Tu Lo scandal.  By the way, is Obama outraged about Rosen?  Has he ever been asked?

4.  Benghazi.  Several reporters other than the same Fox News guy actually asked the State Department spokeslady yesterday about whether the five Diplomatic Security agents involved in the attack would be testifying, as requested by Issa's committee.  She claimed that nobody is stopping them, but that State is trying to protect their identities.  She was mum on the recent activities of congressman Wolf.   

Oh, and when asked by a reporter how the investigation by the FBI into the culprits is coming along she referred them to the FBI.  In other words, no comment.  Again, Obama must be outraged that we haven't brought anyone to justice yet.  Of course, most have completely forgotten Algeria but the US Government has quietly, over the past week, charged a AQ zombie leader, Mokhtar Belmokhtar, with the 'crime'.  Guess we're going to have a couple of FBI guys in suits serve a warrant and bring him to Manhattan for trial or something.

MORE  7/25/13

If you want some bizarre fun (assuming you are a political junkie) watch today's State Dept daily briefing and deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf.   Hard core junkies might recognize the name--it was dropped during the biu Laden afterglow with the Zero Dark Thirty crew as well as a delicious little story about CIA coordination with the New York Times on what was fit to print:
Mazzetti's correspondence with CIA spokeswoman Marie Harf, on Aug. 5, 2011, pertained to the Kathryn Bigelow-Mark Boal film "Zero Dark Thirty," about the killing of Osama bin Laden, and a Times op-ed column by Dowd set to be published two days later that criticized the White House for having "outsourced the job of manning up the president’s image to Hollywood."
Harf left CIA to join Obama's reelection campaign "Obama for America" (which has morphed itself into "Organizing for America" with a fresh 501c.4 designation from IRS without delay!) and has been rewarded with a position as deputy State spokeswoman.  In today's briefing she might have set a record for saying "I have nothing for you on that", including a very terse rendition of it when asked by the Fox News reporter why Hillary2016! never went to visit the wounded Department of State security personnel in the hospital.

Maybe this interview explains why. She's speaking at Yale University and giving her thoughts about partisan politics and national security:
Harf said one of the key moments in her career that revealed the intersection of politics and national security was the response to the Benghazi attack. She said she was furious when Mitt Romney’s campaign released a statement accusing Obama of sympathizing with the perpetrators of the 2012 Benghazi attack. “There are national security issues that go above politics, and you don’t get to say whatever you want just because you’re running a presidential campaign,” Harf said.
Hmm, so was she involved at all in the Benghazi talking points confab perhaps?   She seems to have been a top level advisor on national security issues and was outraged over Romney correctly calling out the US Embassy in Cairo for tweeting blame for a riot at our facility on the Mohamed video trailer, which was later used to explain away a terrorist attack in Benghazi that she now doesn't want to comment about.  

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