Friday, July 26, 2013

Uh, CBS (and others), Got Some Science News for You....

Here's a breathless headline on this afternoon...

Melting ice forms lake in the North Pole

The obvious implication:  oh noes, Santa and the Elves have drowned thanks to that evil heat Mizer guy!   And global warming, of course.   Chris Hayes on his MSNBC show tonight added some hysteria and the internets are full of liberal joy over the confirmation about their doomsday projections, which signals the coming world socialism solution.    

One problem--it's happened beforeMany times.  And it's been reported on before, many times.

Only a few examples. Now, which party is anti-science again? 

If challenged, and that's a big if, CBS will defend itself by saying they never blamed it on anything.  They merely reported that the meltwater was there and that temperatures had been above normal. That's true.  Nobody will be blaming the Arctic Oscillation and its negative phase, which likely caused the cooler than normal Spring and so far the near-normal summer over parts of middle America.   But that doesn't make a good sound bite.


Right Truth said...

I saw the headline, but didn't read the article. Silly Chicken Little's, ha

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Some CBS news producer saw a story showing water at the North Pole and she just had to go with it. No research, no fact-checking, too good to check!

It turns out their sensor wasn't even at the North Pole, it had drifted to around 85 degrees north. Because you see, the Arctic ice cap isn't stationary, it's floating on water. Amazing they still call some of these people journalists.