Sunday, July 14, 2013

Disgraced AG Being Asked to Overturn Jury Verdict

Indications are that the Attorney General will investigate the Zimmerman case to see if any "civil rights violations" occurred.   This despite the president coming out today and calling for calm, saying "we are a nation of laws and a jury has spoken".

Let's see, would that be same AG who was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to come clean (and probably lying) in the Fast and Furious case, where two federal agents died?   The same guy who allowed the AP's phone records to be trolled in a case of suspected administration leaks for political gain?  The same one who judge-shopped to get to James Rosen's emails and phone calls by convincing a federal judge he was a "flight risk"?   The same one who recommended that international financier and wanted criminal Marc Rich be pardoned by his old boss Bill Clinton (then Rich's wife later donated heavily to the Clinton library)?   That one?

Well, have at it.  Chances are they won't end up doing anything, though.  The election is over--Obama's 'son' helped stimulate black turnout (along with Biden's 'chains' comment) and it worked

On the flip side there's always the possibility they think a protracted racial 'conversation' could help benefit turnout again next year while taking away coverage from all the still-unresolved scandals.   But perhaps it's not smart to go to war against a guy who is part-Hispanic while trying to politicize immigration and paint Republicans as wild-eyed xenophobes.  Decisions, decisions.  Where is Bush?

MORE  7/15/13

Is there another word besides "craven" that explains the political hay being made with this case?   I'm not talking about average everyday black people, who have long dealt with the idea of profiling, of which is a part of this case.  No, I'm talking about people like Angela Corey, Barack Obama, the Rainbow fools, Al Sharpton, and of course our distinguished Attorney General.   Just think--they empaneled a Special Prosecutor in Florida to waive procedure and indict Zimmerman but Eric Holder gets to investigate himself.

Anyway, nothing should surprise anyone anymore.  Occupy Wall Streeters are mobilizing and of course the Socialists have now joined in, providing signage and probably protesters.   Any ole agitprop will do.  Just don't call them racists for using the tragic death of the 'child' to push their left-wing political agenda.    


Right Truth said...

Read somewhere that the FBI investigated and say there are no grounds for a civil rights case. Should be end of story as far as that goes. But with this administration anything is possible.

Right Truth

Always On Watch said...

I'm guessing that Debbie might have read this report.

A.C. McCloud said...

Thanks AOW. Holder should be impeached, right now, this very minute.

It's to the point I'm reaching my limit with all this nonsense (and no, NSA, that DOES NOT have anything to do with threats or violence).

Always On Watch said...

I saw this today and found it of interest.

A.C. McCloud said...

AOW, it wouldn't be surprising. Thinking back to when I was 17 there were many of my peers heavily into drugs and other stuff.

The point I think is the idea he was an angelic child. 17 year olds can do some powerful things and many are filled with piss and vinegar, even w/o a racial boulder on their shoulder. Zimmerman met up with that power and rage, I'm sure. Only the gun saved him.