Wednesday, July 10, 2013

While we lecture Egypt on Violence...

...police departments in the United States send out public service messages urging citizens not to react to the Zimmerman verdict with violence.  Good Lord.  Our State Department could have given this message.  Did you catch the 'hope' tee shirt the girl was wearing?

Yet the State Department is simultaneously running interference on whether a US law was broken regards a coup in Egypt due to the sensitive political nuance involved.  Funny, no such nuance existed in Honduras when a coup happened there so Hillary Clinton roundly condemned it (they are taking a side in Egypt as well, they just won't publicly admit it because it subverts our law).  There is no such thing as consistency on this according to State--every situation is different.  Wonder if the law stipulates that? 

Meanwhile the president feels he can arbitrarily change the health care law without consulting Congress.  And why not?  He engaged in a war in Libya without following the law just like he appointed nominees during a congressional recess--and nothing happened.   They arrest a guy loading a shotgun in DC on July 4th, a clear case of civil disobedience, while illegal aliens move around the country without fear of arrest, waiting to be made legal to serve the interests of politics and business.       

We denigrate our rule of law at our own peril. 


When is a coup not a coup?  When the US administration rilly, rilly, rilly doesn't need it to be a coup.  If you want to watch some consequential TV, watch this train wreck.   The media folks in that room are not buying their tap dance for one second.  Rarely have we seen such pushback against administration press flacks. 

So why are they maintaining this ridiculous false front?  Because the options are worse. One, the US needs to keep the Egyptian military on the payroll to keep the peace in the region and two, Obama invested a lot of political capital in the Muslim Brotherhood, but now there are massive protests in the streets of Cairo with anti-Obama signs and venom for our Ambassador.  So it's time to throw the Brothers under the bus.

All of which is even more solid if reports out of Libya are true about the Benghazi perpetrators' connections back to Egypt.  The administration (and Hillary2016!) would rather walk through hot coals than to comment on something that would bring the Benghazi story back on the front burner.  The last time it was they released the IRS targeting story--themselves.    


Right Truth said...

I saw the video and it was pathetic. Wonder how much money they spent on it, what a waste.

The prosecution rested today, it won't be long until we see what happens.

I've never heard of a 6 person jury before, always 12 members. This was strange. Also having an all woman jury, strange.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

I have a bad feeling about the entire thing. The case was taken from the local authorities and purposely made into a national event for the purposes of Democratic politics (guns and race) and the national media is more than happy to help.

If I were Zimmerman I would have plans to immediately move to Canada (assuming he walks). But I have no confidence this jury will come to a verdict and if they do, that it will be 'not guilty'. They face the pressure of mob violence if they don't do something.