Monday, May 12, 2008

Cheney to Memphis

He's coming in support of Mississippi 1st Congressional District candidate Greg Davis. A lot has been said about the bellweather aspect of this special election. Check out this WaPo article, complete with a picture that makes Davis look about one toothpick shy of Jethro Clampett. Damn yankees!

Democrat Childers is running in a traditional Republican district as a Democrat-lite with a strategy of tying his opponent to the Bush doctrine. Here's a commercial running us crazy here in Memphis--check out the musical switch from major key to minor key in the background tune when Davis's name comes up. Classic.

At the same time, Childers doesn't seem too thrilled with being tied to people like Obama or even Nancy Pelosi. One might think he'd welcome the comparisons to Miss Nancy since she's the party leader of the Congress he seeks to join, but maybe it's because they've 'changed' nothing in their two inglorious years since seizing power with a bunch of moderate DINOs, unless one considers the change in the price of gas as change. By the way, have you heard that Childers is pro-gun and pro-life? Hence, Davis's fair play turnabout.

If you're really interesting interested here's an interview with Childers, and Davis. They sound fairly similar, talking about jobs and such with the usual national party boilerplate thrown in, but outside the studio we get things like this:
Dodging Davis hobnobs with Big Oil's best friend while Childers puts Mississippi First.
Should the Democrats succeed in winning this election the press will likely not play up the DINO aspect of their victory, preferring instead to headline the GOP's coming demise in November. Somewhat biased perhaps, but the Repubs deserve part of that blame for squandering the public trust when in the majority led by guys like Trent Lott. Bush is not blameless either since he didn't have enough charisma to 'Reagan' the press in their attempts to re-write his presidential history. But it'll be interesting to see how these new moderate liberals vote if elected. Bloggers have long memories.

MORE 5/13/08

Election results are here, updated every 4 minutes. Looks pretty close so far.

DOOM 5/13/08

Childers won. GOP suicide watch to follow.


Debbie said...

I'm wondering who the Dems will blame for all the problems in the world when Bush is out of office? Or can they blame him retrospectively?

DINO's vs RINO's cage match at the Pyramid. I can see it now, ha.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Good question. I suspect you're right, they'll continue to blame Bush for a generation, or as long as the voters will allow.