Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Uneasiness in Pakistan

Seems like something might be going down soon.

First, we hear about a leaked meeting between General Petraeus and US Ambassador for Pakistan Anne Petersen that took place in Doha, Qatar with an agenda item about bin Laden in the K2 area. No expert, but the general was recently put in charge of CENTCOM (with Ordierno taking his spot) so it might not be surprising to hear whispers about a coming American military initiative in the Afghanistan theater. After all, the snows are melting and the Afghans, at least some of them, seem supportive.

Today Hot Air posted a Pakistani story on Baitullah Mehsud, the new bully on the block who in the past has suggested that bin Laden is dead and seems to be holding that thought, at least when not in front of TV reporters. Remember, it's OK to lie for jihad. But that would be quite interesting since none other than Benazir Bhutto slipped this morsel out in an interview with David Frost before her untimely death last year:

If bin Laden is actually dead (which wouldn't be surprising based on the pathetic technical quality of his last video) then who's playing his part and why?

It actually makes more sense to believe this is Pakistani wishful thinking or disinformation. No matter how much trash-talking they do one has to believe the thoughts of a US/NATO incursion into their beloved terrortories will wet some britches. Guess we'll see, but make no mistake that whatever we do the far left (and maybe even some in the moderate left) will blame it on presidential politics.

MORE 5/27/08

More sensational news. Interesting that Mehsud just implied that Pakistan should use its nuclear arsenal to help the jihadis, and they've got a new government in Islamabad willing to make deals with people like Mehsud. AJ Strata thinks Meshud was blabbing to cover for the bearded cave freaks because we're closing in on him. That sounds possible, with this WMD story is coming from jihad, inc. designed to scare the west from pursuing any further.

It's not out of the question that bin Laden could have a small-scale WMD deterrence capability. We know he was pursuing them. We thought as much about Saddam but his situation was somewhat different due to the nature of state politics whereas the cave freaks don't have any such worries. All they need is a favorable fatwa and a wink from the right sponsors.


Debbie said...

Interesting connections here. I would not be surprised if Osama has some form of WMD in his hidey-hole either.

I'm going to email you something tomorrow you might be interested in reading. Not for publication.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Actually, I'm not going to be surprised one way or another. There are good reasons to keep bin Laden alive if he actually died, for both sides.

But if AQ had some WMDs it's hard to believe they wouldn't have used them already, unless their masters have put things on hold for now. Just guessing, but in the past they've waited til after the elections to strike (1993/2001) so why not expect the same in 2009?