Friday, May 16, 2008

Corker on Fleming

Bob Corker was on Mike Fleming's afternoon radio program talking about his interview with the WaPo's E.J. Dionne, in which our junior Senator was quoted saying:
And Corker said voters did not believe the Republicans were "solving the major problems," notably guaranteeing Americans health coverage. "We just haven't been responsible," Corker said. "We deserve to be where we are. I hope we right ourselves."
Fleming asked about the health care quip (which made Corker sound like an Obama spokesman) to which the Senator replied he was taken out of context--he only mentioned health care as one of many 'issues' and never implied that everyone was guaranteed free health care.

Obviously I wasn't privy to the interview but having some familiarity with both men I'd venture a guess Mr. Dionne just might have mischaracterized Corker in his haste to back up his "brand on the run" premise. Corker did not blast individual Republicans in his WaPo or Fleming interviews, he blasted the RNC and other national groups for ramming divisive commercials down their candidates' throats. I agree, and feel this same tactic hurt Mississippian Greg Davis.

Side note--Dionne factually argued that McCain trails Obama by 7 points in national polling as if there was only one poll. Checking RCP we see the ABC poll he chose just happened to be tied for the highest margin of advantage for Barack with the average of all polls showing him leading by just over 3 points with Gallup even showing Mac ahead by 2. Nope, no liberal bias there.

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