Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Must see TV

This is making the rounds:
Taliban insurgents have ordered residents of a province near the capital Kabul to stop watching television, saying the networks were showing un-Islamic programs, officials and local media said on Tuesday.
More proof these people are plain nuts...and more fodder to show how Bush took his eye off the Afghanistan ball by going into Iraq even though most of the Afghan troops were redeployed in 2002.

But should we really care whether the Afgahni women can watch Indian soap operas? Is that a reason for NATO troops to die over there? In a weird way yes. Today it's TV, tomorrow it will be the government. Giving in to these thugs would set up a most depressing narrative, saying they got away with hosting AQ training camps in the 90s and could do so again at will with little fear of long-term recrimination. Would more troops help? Yes, but not unless they can enter Pakistan with vengeance.

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